Revolution Road

The Freeway Revival

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What’s in a name? Sometimes nothing, and sometimes everything. In the case of The Freeway Revival, the latter certainly seems to ring true. Theirs is music that was born from the energy and the spirit that comes from a life spent on the road, and the packed tour schedule they have maintained since their inception has strengthened their sound- a healthy mix of guitar driven soul and rock n roll with a flare of psychedelic, complimented by four part vocal harmonies.

The biggest proof of this is in the new album. “A lot of it is about our personal experiences, and our portrayal of the current American landscape. But more than that, it’s about the expression of freedom and living truthfully. It’s about being kind and authentic to others and in return taking that vibe and projecting it in our music” Kenny explains. “That’s why we called it Revolution Road. It’s not as much a revolt against something as it is a celebration of keeping the wheels turning towards the positive... more credits released September 1, 2017

Produced by The Freeway Revival and Matt Hueneman.

Copyright 2017 The Freeway Revival. All rights reserved Recorded and mixed by Matt Hueneman at Audiogrotto, Newport KY Mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen, Carrboro, NC

All songs written and arranged by The Freeway Revival. Excepting arrangement and lyrical credits on "Sense of Wonder" to Robin Applewood, Elsie White, Boris Burton, and Tony Glaser. Arrangement credits on "Rise" to Robin Applewood and Tony Glaser. Arrangement credits on "Goodbye" to Matt Laird. Featuring Evan Daniell on percussion, Michael Crawford on harmonica, and Matt Hueneman on acoustic guitar and percussion. Cover Art by Joshua Marc Levy & Asheville Art Family. Package Design by Jenny Fares, Sound Mind Creative. Photography by Libby Gamble

The Freeway Revival is: Adam Clayton - Keyboards, Vocals Jonathan Clayton - Guitar, Vocals Tim Husk - Guitar, Vocals Kenny Crowley - Bass, Vocals Cartwright Brandon - Drum Kit license all rights reserved

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